Submissions – ICAI3S 2024


Paper Submissions via EDAS

We only recieve submissions via EDAS




  • ICAI3S 2024 will not accept papers that, at the time of submission, are under review for or have already been accepted or published in a journal or another conference.
  • Papers submitted to ICAI3S 2024 must consist of 6-15 written pages (single column), including figures, tables and references. Papers that exceed 15 pages will not be considered for evaluation and acceptance.
  • The author is responsible for ensuring that the submitted paper has a style, font, etc.
  • Papers submitted must be in PDF format.
  • All URL addresses in the text (e.g., are activated and ready to click.


  • Submitted articles will underwent peer review by the members of the Scientific Committee and will be approved by the Chair of Technical Program Committee.
  • The peer review process for articles is single-blind, ensuring the concealment of authors' identities and affiliations.
  • During the review process, reviewers provided separate suggestions and revisions for the papers.
  • The conference submission management system utilized the EDAS system.
  • Submissions underwent an initial evaluation for general quality and appropriateness.
  • Upon the first evaluation, all submitted papers were distributed for peer review by aligning each paper's topic with the reviewers' experience and analyzing potential competing interests.
  • A manuscript can only be considered for approval if it receives positive feedback from both reviewers.
  • There are three types of recommendations: accepted with minor corrections, accepted with major corrections, and rejected.
  • After addressing the reviewers’ recommendations, manuscripts with significant changes were provided an opportunity to revise and resubmit.
  • Only articles presented at ICAI3S that will be included in the conference proceeding.


  • Pertinence of the article’s content to the scope and themes of the 2024 2nd International Conference on Advanced Informatics and Intelligent Information Systems (ICAI3S 2024).
  • Clear demonstration of originality, novelty, and timeliness of the research.
  • Soundness of the methods, analyses, and results.
  • Adherence to ethical standards and codes of conduct relevant to the research field.
  • Clarity, cohesion, and accuracy in language and other modes of expression, including figures and tables.